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Capsule Reviews/Recap

Between NYFF press screenings/Critics Academy work and school getting into the routine, I’ve been behind on reviews and on my capsules. I intend for that to change (and am working on a review right now), but I think that I should note that while my writing has slowed, my viewing has not slowed quite as […]

August Capsule Reviews

I decided to get these out there while working on the other reviews. The Turin Horse could still surface in full-length, but no promises. If The Red Shoes, Solaris, and Andrei Rublev don’t get full-lengths, I’ll do a second edition of capsules. Anyway, here are the films I saw in August that I did not […]

Capsule Reviews: July 2012

At the end of every month I will post a list of all the movies I did not review that I watched that month. These will be accompanied by a grade and a one paragraph review. These are films that I , regardless of the grade, did not have time to review, did not have […]