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Sun Don’t Shine (Amy Seimetz, 2013)

Even before Bonnie & Clyde, the outlaw-couple on-the-run has long been the favorite subject for talented filmmakers to try something new. Fritz Lang provided an early example with You Only Live Once Nicolas Ray had They Live By Night, and Godard used the template to create a revolution with Breathless. Penn’s film ushered in the […]

The Pretty One (Jenée LaMarque, 2013)

I reviewed The Pretty One, which played Tribeca, at The Film Stage. Interesting, albeit flawed film. Check it out here:

Something In The Air (Olivier Assayas, 2013)

Something In The Air is a sweet little film that is just a bit too big for itself. Revolution is in the air, and the film follows a group of students after the events of France in May of 1968. For those unfamiliar, don’t worry; all you need to know is given to you early. […]

The Place Beyond The Pines (Derek Cianfrance, 2013)

The Place Beyond The Pines makes it clear: Derek Cianfrance is being touted as an important new voice in American independent filmmaking, partially because he has had the fortune of working with similarly touted actors like Michelle Williams, Ryan Gosling (star of both Blue Valentine and The Place Beyond The Pines) and now Bradley Cooper, […]

Simon Killer (Antonio Campos, 2013)

Simon Killer is essentially Leaving Las Vegas repackaged and diluted for the Hipster age. Instead of an alcoholic moving to the blood-sucking, soulless and hopeless city of Las Vegas, it’s a post-grad, elecro-rock-loving kid moving to Paris to get over a break-up. Leaving Las Vegas showed the dark-side of the glamorized but unlikely dreams of […]

Hello friends, I should apologize for the enormous delay since my previous review. I planned to review Wild At Heart after watching it for class to finally pull myself out of a slump (that also included waiting too long on Stories We Tell, Viola, and The Act of Killing), but with the passing of Roger […]