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Hurricane Sandy

Hello all, After a run-in with Sandy, I was without, gas, internet/cell reception, electricity and running water for a while Walking up and down endless flights of stairs just to use the restroom was not fun, so I fled New York City. I hope everyone who remains in NYC, New Jersey, or any other damaged […]

Argo (Ben Affleck, 2012)

Argo is exactly what a Hollywood film should be. It is well-made, it entertains, it thrills, it has something to offer both explicitly and implicitly, and it even has some name/face recognition. If you are familiar with the source material, great; there’s enough fiction in the film to ensure that while you know where it […]

The Squid And The Whale (Noah Baumbach, 2005)

First and foremost a portrait of the effect divorce has on family relationships, The Squid and the Whale strikes an interesting line between honesty and pretentiousness, and it walks that line so delicately that I could not decide which it was before realizing the obvious: It’s both. How is it honest? It is honest in […]

A New Look

If you’re reading this, you don’t need me to tell you that I changed my theme. This was mostly for traffic reasons. As my previous theme displayed the full post without requiring the viewer to click, it was hard to track exactly what people were reading. Hopefully everyone can adapt to the change quickly. I […]

An open question to those who have seen Argo…

(This post contains spoilers; if you have not yet seen Argo, do that before continuing) Toward the end of the movie, when the film crew are going through the airport, they are told that there are 3 checkpoints. The first one is simple passport inspection and will be an easy bypass, the second is with […]

On Ginger And Rosa and Existentialism in the Cinema

Here’s another piece for the NYFF Critics Academy on one my favorite films of the entire festival, which is, sadly, being under-discussed and under-appreciated.  

Silver Linings Playbook (David O. Russell, 2012)

Imagine you are working on a painting. You know that it will not be a great painting; it is not going to break new ground or be looked back upon as a masterpiece, but you are putting a new spin on a familiar style in a pretty irresistible way. Now imagine you drop your bucket […]