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Top Films of 2012

2012 is the first year in which I would not hesitate to call myself a cinephile. Even in 2011, acclaim wouldn’t get me into a movie theater; I tended to wait for the film to hit Netflix Instant or arrive on HBO/Starz/Encore etc. On Demand before I would catch up on recent releases, meaning most […]

Sight & Sound, Part 4: Modern Directors

UPDATE: For ease, the previous entrants in this series are linked: Part one, focusing on the perceived static nature of the list, is here. Part two, looking at the films that made the list, is here. Part three, focusing on the most revered directors, is here. We all know the Sight & Sound poll favors […]

Sight & Sound Analysis, Part Two: The Films

Part one of this series  is available here. After about a week of waiting, the September 2012 Sight & Sound issue, including its list of the 100 greatest films of all time, is now available for all to see. Previously, Sight & Sound published the top 50 on their website and massive debate and analysis […]