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Behind The Candelabra (Steven Soderbergh, 2013)

This one is also external, over at No Ripcord. Check it out (or, you know, don’t). Advertisements

Computer Chess (Andrew Bujalski, 2013)

I reviewed Computer Chess for The Film Stage, check it out over there.

The Great Gatsby (Baz Luhrmann, 2013)

Taking on The Great Gatsby is an unenviable task. In theory, it should be perfectly adaptable; it’s story-driven, but not terribly so, it takes place very prominently in a time and place that make it a great opportunity for costume and set designers, and it’s just so good. Certainly F. Scott Fitzgerald’s language can be […]

Shotgun Stories (Jeff Nichols, 2007)

Jeff Nichols’ films deal intimately with working- and lower-class families and the struggles they face. In the case of Take Shelter, an apocalyptic worry was thrown in, and the health of the daughter was the particular motivating struggle, whereas Mud framed the struggle through the eyes of a young boy, thereby emphasizing fatherhood and, just […]

Pieta (Kim Ki-duk, 2013)

Kim Ki-duk’s 18th feature, Pieta, takes its name from the moment that Mary cradled the body of the Jesus’ dead body, and in particular art that depicts such a moment. Watching Kim’s feature, one would think that he took the name solely to provide some kind of spiritual meaning to his film, as it contains […]

Before Sunrise vs. Before Sunset

I was given the opportunity to participate in’s “The Great Debate” series courtesy of Calum Marsh. Calum, for my money, is one of the most perceptive and intelligent critics working right now, so I was thrilled to have this opportunity, and you can the whole debate here, where I argue that “Before Sunrise” edges […]

Star Trek Into Darkness (J.J. Abrams, 2013)

I was never a particularly big Star Trek fan. I have seen several episodes of each TV incarnation with the exception of Enterprise, I enjoyed a good deal of those, but I never felt the need to turn it on despite being in a household full of Trekkies. The Voyage Home is a movie I […]