Delays, upcoming works, etc.

Apologies to my readers who haven’t exactly seen a lot of activity here in the past week. I’ve been watching plenty of films — and I’ve been writing about them too! The Seattle International Film Festival has been taking up a lot of my time lately, and I have reviews for a couple films already written that cannot be posted until their release dates, as well as a review that will be up at The Film Stage and a feature over SIFF’s “Catalyst” section, as well. I’m also working on a review of Jafar Panahi’s Closed Curtain that will be published on The Film Stage, and another feature on Ulrich Seidl’s Paradise Trilogy. Individual reviews for those films, however, as well as Xavier Dolan’s Laurence Anyways, will be posted here within the next week. In other words, my productivity has been unusually high this week despite not having anything to show for it just yet.


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