Hello friends,

I should apologize for the enormous delay since my previous review. I planned to review Wild At Heart after watching it for class to finally pull myself out of a slump (that also included waiting too long on Stories We Tell, Viola, and The Act of Killing), but with the passing of Roger Ebert, I couldn’t muster it. I’m collecting obituaries for the great critic for Criticwire right here, and I’ll be posting some words of my own in due time. But this weekend will (hopefully) include House, Upstream Color (Round 2), Simon Killer, a short film called The Search For Inspiration Gone that moved me at New Directors/New Films, and 2001: A Space Odyssey. I won’t review the last of them (I have nothing of value to add to the contribution at this point in time), but hopefully I’ll have some words on the other three, and maybe even Wild At Heart as well. Thanks for sticking with me, frequent collaborators.


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