An open question to those who have seen Argo…

(This post contains spoilers; if you have not yet seen Argo, do that before continuing)

Toward the end of the movie, when the film crew are going through the airport, they are told that there are 3 checkpoints. The first one is simple passport inspection and will be an easy bypass, the second is with immigration, who will check one slip per person against a copy they should have detailing their entry into the country. The characters are told that the airport’s copy won’t exist, but simply saying they don’t know what happened will be enough to get by if they sound convincing. The third is the suspenseful check at the end.

It’s the second I have a problem with: There are seven people here, and of the seven, only one actually has the required slip. It looked like it wasn’t exactly easy to fool the guard for the first person to pass through. Are we really supposed to believe that the guard accepted that all the slips for the people who look American went missing the same day? That was a bit much, and the film kept going as if we shouldn’t even be thinking that.

Any comments, explanations, etc, please share.
EDIT: My review of Argo is now up.


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  1. […] believable when he is supposed to be the most believable. In the writing, I have already voiced here, and despite its avoidance of anti-Iranian propaganda, Argo does enforce an American carte blanche. […]

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