The “Exciting News” is Here

As those of you who frequent Indiewire (and if you don’t, you should) may already know, I was one of eight people selected as part of the New York Film Festival’s Critics Academy. I’ll be working with Indiewire and the Film Society of Lincoln Center to pitch stories, attend, and engage with the New York Film Festival. The gist of it is in the above link, but I’ll also be attending conferences and workshops with experts in the field, all of which will make me a better critic. It means that there probably won’t be too many full-length reviews here for a while, but I’ll check in, link to my work, and give updates on what I’ve seen.


Wednesday, the two films I saw were Roger Michell’s Hyde Park On Hudson and the documentary Liv and Ingmar, which, by way of interview with Liv Ullmann, chronicles the personal and professional relationship she had with director Ingmar Bergman. Hyde Park was quite unfulfilling, as the three acts played as if they had no connection, and the big picture was overly sentimental and quite reductive. Liv and Ingmar had beautiful moments, the portrait was proficient as a whole. It’s a must for Bergman fans and is human enough to be enjoyed by anyone.


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